Consulting & Coaching Projects

Stimulate and integrate innovation within your operation through the power of Lateral Shortcuts® and co-create or receive holistic and sustainable solutions to your challenges through a tailored combination of strategic/product design, workshops, trainings, speeches and masterclasses.
Are you interested in an optimised tailor-made process to transform your organisation effectively?

Main Service Formats

We analyse your situation, gather needs & insights to design, develop and deliver LATERAL SHORTCUTS® solutions to overcome your business challenges and enhance your business and portfolio.

We facilitate workshops and trainings to guide you to co-create smart solutions for your business challenges while teaching you the LATERAL SHORTCUTS® & Design Thinking methodology and boosting innovative energy and team spirit.

Nadine Meisel inspires by giving inspirational and interactive talks, masterclasses and keynote speeches on LATERAL SHORTCUTS®, Design Thinking and Innovation.

Do you prefer us to create and deliver solutions for you?

Would you like to participate in creating your own solutions?

Let Nadine Meisel inspire your event or organisation.