Lateral Shortcuts®

Solve Anything – Beyond the Box

Lateral Shortcuts® is a powerful methodology for creating innovative, effective and easy solutions from outside and beyond the box, to generate groundbreaking ideas and overcome difficult challenges. Nadine Meisel designed the methodology combining the most powerful elements of Design Thinking and Lateral Thinking.

Lateral Shortcuts® Mindset

The Lateral Shortcuts® mindset converts challenges into opportunities by looking at the big picture – gaining perspective from Beyond the Box to identify the underlying challenge and find a shortcut to a solution.

Lateral Shortcuts® Methodology

Albert Einstein already described the 3 essential elements of Lateral Shortcuts®: 

1) Reframe the Challenge
2) Apply Lateral Thinking
3) Take Shortcuts

Lateral Shortcuts® Solutions

Lateral Shortcuts® condenses the most powerful elements of Design Thinking and Lateral Thinking to create innovative, effective and easy solutions.

Optimising Design Thinking

Lateral Shortcuts® optimises the Design Thinking process as well as its results.

Optimising the Design Thinking process

Optimising Design Thinking results

Win-Win Sweet-Spot

Lateral Shortcuts® integrates both customer and company concerns, to create win-win solutions.

Are you up for taking Lateral Shortcuts®?