Lateral Shortcuts®

Mindset + Method + Solutions

Lateral Shortcuts® are innovative + effective + easy solutions and a powerful methodology for overcoming difficult challenges and transforming uncertainties into tangible opportunities. It leverages non-obvious needs, markets and resources beyond the box. Nadine Meisel designed the methodology to be easy to learn and to apply. 

Lateral Shortcuts® Mindset

The Lateral Shortcuts® mindset converts challenges into opportunities by looking at the big picture – gaining perspective from Beyond the Box to identify the underlying purpose as well as non-obvious resources and find shortcuts to a purpose-driven solution.

Lateral Shortcuts® Method

Albert Einstein already described the 3 essential elements of Lateral Shortcuts®: 

1) Reframe the Challenge
2) Apply Lateral Thinking
3) Take Shortcuts

Lateral Shortcuts® Solutions

Lateral Shortcuts® condenses the most powerful elements of Design Thinking and Lateral Thinking to create innovative + effective + easy solutions.

Optimising Design Thinking

Lateral Shortcuts® optimises processes as well as results e.g. of Design Thinking 

Optimising the Design Thinking process

Optimising Design Thinking results

Are you up for taking Lateral Shortcuts®?